About Us

SeArc is a multi-disciplinary marine environmental consulting firm operating internationally in a wide variety of marine ecosystems. The company was founded with a novel vision of bridging development and sustainability.

Fouled rope red seastar power station snd jetty - example for coastal development

SeArc supplies clients with the necessary tools for enhancing the ecological, biological, and socio-economic value of urban marine structures, while decreasing their impacts on marine and costal environments.

Coastal waters reside most of the known and studied marine flora and fauna, while at the same time house more than a half of the world's population. This leads to a substantial increase in coastal development and usage, including the construction of various submerged man-made structures such as ports, seawalls, breakwaters, rigs, power stations etc, causing severe stress to coastal ecosystem. The constant proliferation of urban marine structures calls for practical solutions aimed at minimizing their detrimental influence on the natural environment. 

We believe that although urban structures at the land-sea interface are not analogs to natural marine habitats, they can and should be utilized for providing the public with key natural services. SeArc provides an innovative approach to designing or modifying coastal/marine infrastructures in a way that enhances their biological productivity and ecological value, while promoting efficient use of marine resources and space. 

Using our scientific approach, we are guiding the different oprative levels towards successful ecological projects.