1. 23/10/2014   SeArc, part of SCAPE Team's "Living Breakwaters" wins 2014 Fuller Challenge.   Read More

  2. 2/6/2014  ​SeArc is proud to be a core member in the SCAPE TEAM: $60M winner of the Rebuild By Design Competition.
  1. 26/10/2013  SeArc is a core member of the SCAPE team, one of 10 selected teams for the Rebuild By Design HUD competition ( Launched by the Hurricane Sandy Task Force, the  REBUILD BY DESIGN, is a multi-stage regional design competition to promote resilience for the Sandy-affected region.
  1. 27/6/2012   SeArc's seminer on  Sustainable costal development technologies at New York's Columbia University advanced architecture Studio. 

  1. 15/4/2012 SeArc collaboration with marine biology research students from New York Harbor School.

Marine Biology Research Students Conduct Marine Infrastructure Experiment

NY Harbor School

  1. 5/3/2012 Georgia Ports Authority has installed four new SeArc's concrete panels at its Garden City Terminal docks to try to provide a better foothold for aquatic plants and animals.
Savannah port team up on Ocean Exchange project
  1. 13/2/2012  SeArc seminar on sustainable management of concrete marine infrastructures, hosted by Thunder Bay  National Marine Sanctuary and Alpena community college- World Center for Concrete Technology, Alpena, MI.
ACC, sanctuary to host scientists


  1. 7/2/2012   SeArc seminar on Environmental active marine infrastructures hosted by the Hudson River Foundation and NYHS, NY,NY


  1. 1/2/2012  SeArc promoting ecological enhancement of coastal and marine infrastructures through active exchange with various stakeholders

  1. 10/1/2012 SeArc in  an Israeli E-paper (Hebrew)

  1. 19/10/2011 SeArc made it to ,a weblog devoted to the future of design, practices and materials that are pushing architecture towards a smarter and more sustainable future: searc-reintroduces-marine-life-in-coastal-cities-with-econcrete

  1. 10/10/2011 SeArc was chosen to be the official scientific consultant for Israeli pavilion in the Expo2012. Located in Korea, the theme of the coming Expo is "The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable activities”



  1. 15/9/2011 Rising Seas Expected to Wash Out Key California Beaches "It suggested that the heightened flood risk could be minimized by investing about $14 billion in a system of newly built or upgraded sea walls, levees and offshore breakwaters to reinforce some 1,100 miles of coast" said Phillip King, associate professor of economics at San Francisco State University. "We took the best available science, and it's possible the (estimated) costs are still too low."


  1. 15/8/2011  SeArcs' ECOncrete™ designs were chosen to be included in the "Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York"  as a part of Dlandstudio's By the City/For the City submission.    

SeArc & Dlandstudio - Hybrid Urban Base - Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York, By the City, For the City


  1. 13/8/2011  SeArcs' ECOncrete™  is one of the ten winning solutions of the Savannah Ocean Exchange 2011. ECOncreteTM is an applicable tool for constructing environmentally active concrete   coastal and marine infrastructures.  It presents an innovative yet simple solution to the conflict between societal and environmental needs in coastal zones. By manipulating concrete structures in three levels; concrete composition, surface texture and macro-design, we can elevate their ability to provide valuable ecosystem services and improved environmental parameters associated with filter feeding communities.     



  1. 9/8/2011 SeArc made it to the first page at "Yarok" ("Green") E-paper

NRG Green



  1. 1/7/2011 SeArc made the 1st screening to the  Savannah Ocean Exchange                                   


  1. 27/6/2011 SeArc present at the  annual conference of The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences


  1.  23/2/2011 SeArc talk in front of  the Committee for Conservation of the Marine Environment (Ministry of Interior) about new approaches to sustainable management of urban marine structures.