Surveys: SeArc scientists perform baseline and post-drill surveys in various habitats, providing quantitative and descriptive information regarding the state of the marine environment before and after deep sea drilling. The surveys are designed to comply with the formal requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP), and Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MEW), and include tracking the physical, chemical and biological parameters of the water column and sediments around the well site area

Characteristics of the water column typically include, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Salinity, Temperature, Metals, Alkens, PAH and levels of Chlorophyll, while characteristics of the sediments include Metals, TOC, chemical derivatives of NPD, PAHs and Alkenes. In addition, quantitative biological and physical parameters such as Granulo-metric characteristics, Biomass, organic/inorganic, and in-fauna are evaluated. The obtained results are summarized into a comprehensive report that can be submitted to the proper authorities.





Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): EIA is the process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of offshore operations prior to their onsite implementation. SeArc scientists have conducted a variety of environmental assessments in tropical and temperate environments, assessing natural communities and environmental variables. These assessments involve direct, indirect and cumulative impacts on marine flora, fauna and on different ecosystems; evaluating impacts on water quality by drill cuttings/mud and accidental events; marine traffic; underwater noise; air quality; and socio-economic implications. Our team brings to table experience in carrying out, editing, and presenting the assembled EIA Report through the various statutory committees and regulatory processes.



Discharge Permitting: We offer full services towards recipient of a formal Discharge Permit from the MOEP. This include representation of ecological aspects to local authorities (MOEP and MEW), Management and Quality Control (QC) of discharge sampling and analysis during operations, and preparation and submission of all required reports.